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Date of records are July 1987 to current
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Deposit No.Survey DateDeposit DateSurveyed BySurvey ForSectionTownshipRangeMeridianMap
1877/10/19877/27/1987Max E. MorrisDennis Dalton3112S97W6th PMMap
2877/2/19877/27/1987Max E. MorrisMark Ralston1810S95W6th PMMap
3877/14/19877/27/1987Max E. MorrisAl Crews141N1WUte MMap
4877/16/19877/27/1987Leroy WaughEarl McFry2712S102W6th PMMap
5877/28/19879/22/1987Cecil D. CasterDonald Feeley361N1WUte MMap
6879/12/19879/22/1987Francis A. CollinsCounty Production Inc.131N2WUte MMap
7877/14/19879/22/1987John LehtiD. Johansen161S1WUte MMap
8879/4/19879/22/1987Cecil D. CasterJack Jones321S1EUte MMap
9879/4/19879/22/1987Cecil D. CasterLaurence MCGennis331N1WUte MMap
10879/14/19879/22/1987Lawrence E. ViolettUnknown1411S101W6th PMMap
11879/24/19879/25/1987Dennis W. JohnsonLeigh71S2EUte MMap
12877/24/19879/25/1987Michael W. DrisselJim Groves111N2WUte MMap
13878/7/19879/30/1987Merritt P. DismantUnknown710S93W6th PMMap
14879/30/198710/8/1987Harold R. CopeJohn Kirk301S2EUte MMap
15879/24/198711/10/1987Francis A. CollinsJack Luster251S1WUte MMap
168710/13/198711/10/1987Richard A. MasonTom Georke362N2WUte MMap
17878/19/198711/10/1987Steven L. HagedornM.C.Sheriff's Office141S1WUte MMap
18879/11/198711/10/1987Michael W. DrisselWestern Gas131N3WUte MMap
198710/5/198711/10/1987Udell S. WilliamsUnknown61S1WUte MMap
208710/12/198711/10/1987William O. RoyUnknown341N1WUte MMap