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Administrative (e.g. Political Boundaries, Zip Codes, Special District Boundaries)

 Layer Name   Date
Image Cemetery DistrictsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image City of Grand Junction AnnexationsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Elementary School Attendance BoundariesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/9/2020
Image Enterprise ZoneShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Fire Protection DistrictsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Fruita 8 and 9 School Attendance BoundaryShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/9/2020
Image Grand River Mosquito Control DistrictShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Grand Valley Drainage DistrictShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ7/22/2019
Image High School Attendance BoundariesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Incorporated AreasShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ2/24/2020
Image Irrigation DistrictsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Mesa County BoundaryShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Middle School Attendance BoundariesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Persigo 201 BoundaryShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Sanitation Improvement DistrictsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image School DistrictsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Voting PrecinctsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Water DistrictsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Zip CodesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ6/10/2019


 Layer Name   Date
Image FEMA FloodplainsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ 
Image Slopes over 25 PercentShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ 

Facilities (e.g. Schools, Fire Stations)

 Layer Name   Date
Image Airports and AirstripsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Communication TowersShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Fire StationsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ1/27/2020
Image Hospital DistrictsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image HospitalsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Police StationsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image SchoolsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ2/12/2020

Hydrography (e.g. Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Watersheds)

 Layer Name   Date
Image CanalsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Drainage BasinsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image LakesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image RiversShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ2/6/2020
Image Watershed BoundariesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020

Planning (e.g. Zoning, Future Land Use)

 Layer Name   Date
Image Consolidated Zoning DistrictsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Grand Junction Comprehensive FLU PlanShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/3/2015
Image Rural Planning Area FLUShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ2/20/2018

Property (e.g. Tax Parcels, Building Footprints, Public Lands)

 Layer Name   Date
Image BLM PropertiesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image BLM Special AreasShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/4/2020
Image Building FootprintsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ2/27/2020
Image Colorado National MonumentShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/4/2020
Image E911 Address PointsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ9/17/2020
Image National ForestShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Parks & Golf CoursesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image State of Colorado LandsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ1/2/2019
Image Tax ParcelsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ9/17/2020

Surveys (e.g. Subdivision Plats, Survey Deposits, Survey Monuments)

 Layer Name   Date
Image Deeded Right-of-WaysShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ4/6/2020
Image Deeded Right-of-Ways from PlatShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Deposit Surveys Since 1987ShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image GPS Monument Locations (SIMS)ShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Historical SurveysShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Section LinesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Subdivisions PlatsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ1/31/2020
Image Township LinesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Vacated ROWShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ4/6/2020

Transportation (e.g. Roads, Railroads)

 Layer Name   Date
Image 1890 and 1892 ROW ProclamationsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/4/2020
Image Mile MarkersShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Railroad TracksShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ2/27/2020
Image Road Book ROWShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ3/2/2020
Image Road CenterlinesShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ9/17/2020
Image Road IntersectionsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ9/17/2020
Image TrailsShapefileGeodatabaseKMZ 

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