Frequently Asked Questions

 What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. GIS is basically a system of software, hardware, data and people that is used to collect data, manipulate and analyze that data, then present it to end users.

Can I download the GIS data used in the County maps?

Yes. You can access most of the data found on the County online map by visiting the Data Download page.

Is there any way I can get the imagery the County uses for its maps?

Absolutely. You can use our interactive imagery download application on the Data Download page to get imagery as far back as 1937!

What resolution is Mesa County’s aerial imagery?

That depends on the imagery data set you are looking at and the area of the County you’re interested in. The current imagery flown in 2015 has a 6 inch resolution along the valley floor and a 9 inch resolution in the higher elevations.

How do I access the Mesa County online map viewer?

You can go directly to the viewer by clicking on this link. The viewer can also be accessed through our GIS home page.

Can I buy a Mesa County map from the GIS department?

The GIS department does not sell maps, however, the County Assessor’s office does offer a large map of the county (created by the GIS department) for sale. Contact the Assessor’s office for price and availability.  It is also possible to print your own specific map by using the print function on the interactive map