Using Microsoft Silverlight Web Applications on a Mac

Update: This post was published when Mesa County still used the Microsoft Silverlight plugin for its online map viewer. We have since moved on from Silverlight platform so the information presented here should be considered outdated and for historical information only.

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The following instructions are specific to Silverlight version 5.x. For applications using Silverlight 4.x, see the Microsoft compatibility chart.

The question often arises, whether online GIS maps requiring the Microsoft Silverlight plugin can be used on a Macintosh?  The answer is yes, but a few factors need to be addressed.  One very important factor is the operating system and version number on the Mac.  The OS version has to be Macintosh OS 10.5.7 (Intel Based) or greater.

To find which operating System version and build information is on a Mac, go to the “Apple” ( ) menu and choose “About This Mac” and click the Version number.
See for more information.

You also have to use a supported browser to use Silverlight.  The supported browsers are Firefox 12+ and Safari 4+. See the Microsoft’s Compatible Operating Systems and Browsers.

Having the proper version of the Silverlight Plugin is also necessary depending on the version used by the map viewer application. You must have the same version or a later version.  Visit the Microsoft website to download the current published version.