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Welcome to Mesa County Assessor's Information Retrieval Service. This service includes assessed value and property tax information for real property in Mesa County. To search for information, enter a Parcel Number or an Address and press 'Find Parcel'.
Please take a moment and review the DATA ENTRY STANDARDS to use when performing a search. Also note, you may search for records by entering a portion of the address or parcel number and pressing "Find Parcel" (do not use*, blank is wild). For example, if you entered Main in the "Address" field, the service would retrieve all records containing "Main" in the address.

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The Geographic Information System (GIS) and its components are designed as a source of reference for answering inquiries, for planning and for modeling. GIS is not intended or does not replace legal description information in the chain of title and other information contained in official government records such as the County Clerk and Recorders office or the courts. In addition, the representations of location in this GIS cannot be substitute for actual legal surveys. The information contained herein is believed accurate and suitable for the limited uses, and subject to the limitations, set forth above. Mesa County makes no warranty as to the accuracy or suitability of any information contained herein. Users assume all risk and responsibility for any and all damages, including consequential damages, which may flow from the user's use of this information.